Innovative Silk Protein Science to Improve Ocular Health

SILKTECH focuses on innovating and developing silk-derived protein (SDP) products for ophthalmic applications. The company’s patented SDP material is currently being developed as a novel compound for the treatment of patients with dry eye disease.

SILKTECH is developing a Silk-derived Protein-4 (SDP-4) biotherapeutic, which is derived from the silkworm cocoon for the topical treatment of ocular surface disease.  Based upon its biology and pharmacological studies, we believe the product will demonstrate an excellent ocular and systemic safety profile.

SILKTECH is based in Plymouth, MN and is financially backed by a combination of angels, grants and recently from a financing round by Skyview Ventures LLC.

“SILKTECH’s SDP-4 represents an exciting and potentially disruptive treatment approach to several, common ocular surface disorders, including dry eye.” — Emmett T. Cunningham, Jr, MD, PhD, MPH, an internationally recognized ocular inflammatory disease expert 

“The field of protein-based treatments for dry eye is significant and could represent one of the key mechanisms to managing this vast disease. SDP-4 is a prime example of how this silk protein may affect lubrication, inflammation and ocular surface healing.” — Paul Karpecki, OD, a leading expert in the field of dry eye disease


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